Mixed Media Skeleton house with Yulianna Efremova

Hello! Yulianna Efremova here and I’m going to show you, how I made mixed media 3D house from scratch and then added amazing color with Moonshadow Mists from Lindy’s.

I used many colors of Moon Shadow sprays including Bucket O’Blood Red, Buccaneer Bay BlueTawny TurquoiseViolaceous Violet.


First I made 3D house out of chipboard and paper, then I added plastic molding.


Prime the surface with black gesso then add a brush, metal embellishments, flowers, chipboard and prime with black gesso again.


Mix texture paste with stones and add randomly onto house for extra texture.


Once the texture paste is dry, spray the entire surface with Moon Shadow Mists – one color at a time, the mica in the sprays will settle into the texture and create the most stunning effects.


To finish the Skeleton House add Inka gold using a dry brush to the textural elements – this highlights the pattern and enhances the shimmery colors of the Moonshadow Mists.



I have filmed a video showing how you can make this, you can watch it below or on the Lindy’s YouTube Channel.


Lindy’s Products:

Other Products:

  • Clay glue by Martha Stewart, plastic figures, metal embellishments, stones, texture paste, black gesso, chipboard, flowers and inka gold


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