How We Store our Lindy’s

Our customers are always asking for tips on how to store their Lindy’s products, so we are sharing a few photos from our Design Team showing you how they store their Lindy’s sprays and powders.

Caroline stores her Lindy’s sprays on clever floating shelves,caroline-1

and everything else in a Raskog trolley from Ikea.


 uses these amazing craft trolleys


and puts the smaller items in a series of draws.


has a fabulous storage unit that used to be an acrylic shop stand!


stores her Lindy’s in a fabulous rainbow array.



also likes the rainbow effect using shelves and some amazing clear stacking storage.


Mary stores her supplies in these fabulous purple baskets and boxes.


Natalie uses small flat containers from KMart (in Australia) – super effective and quite inexpensive. My embossing powders are a little messier but I have samples on the lids so I know how they look once heat set – I have samples in my little swatch book too!


And with the sprays, Natalie uses the Medium storage box from Close To My Heart which holds a heap of bottles and is easy to transport from home to classes. They fit perfectly in her IKEA shelving too!


 stores her sprays on a long shelf and all her paints and powders in clear tubs.

sanderijn-1 sanderijn-2


Solange has amazing storage walls where she can see everything at a glance.



Tina keeps everything tucked away in draws.

Yulianna stacks her goodies in clear storage boxes.

yulianna-1 yulianna-2


Did you get any storage ideas from seeing how our DT stores their Lindy’s?

One thought on “How We Store our Lindy’s

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing spaces everyone!! I enjoyed the last post as well with your videos- I have to say , I am envious of some of your spaces!
    And Solange, I want to move in to yours! heehee
    So, these rolling carts and Di’s acrylic storage, would you gals share where they were purchased?
    Happy Sunday everyone!

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