Canvas Journal Cover with Magicals

LSG Magical Heart Journal-10


It’s time – time for a little makeover!  I picked up a really cute little canvas journal/book cover on sale, gold with white stripes – white and I don’t mix all that well, so I decided to give it a little ‘Sparkle Tart’ treatment and make it over using Magicals from Lindy’s Stamp Gang!  Yes Magicals on fabric – a match made in heaven. Now what colour to use, it’s summer here in Queensland (Australia) so I’m seeing lots of blue sky – so why not a blue colour scheme, so many beautiful blues in the Lindy’s range to choose from….

LSG Magical Heart Journal-1


You Will Need:

  • Lindy’s Stamp Gang Magicals: Shabby Turbine Teal, Hydrangea Blue and Tiffanylou’s Blue.
  • Golden: Airbrush Medium, Fluid Acrylics in – Carbon Black, Cobalt Teal, Micaceous Iron Oxide, Cobalt Turquoise and Irridescent Gold (Bright or Deep)
  • Heidi Swapp Wanderlust Printed Canvas journal/book cover
  • Stamps
  • Archival Ink Pad – Jet Black
  • Embellishment



I decided to combine Magicals – Shabby Turbine Teal, Hydrangea Blue and Tiffanylou’s Blue to create the base colour and colour the canvas.  Lucky for me the gold printed design acted as a resist making this step super simple!  To start with I used a paint brush to wet the white areas of the cover, nice and shiny wet (not just a little bit damp).  I then added 8 drops of water to the lid of each Magical pot and added a little of the magical powder to the lids – mix well and ready to paint!  I began applying the Tiffanylou’s Blue, which is the lightest colour – I added some on every second row working from the outside in.  Leave space for the other colours in the middle of the cover.

LSG Magical Heart Journal-1

Next I added Hydrangea Blue to the center of the previously coloured sections, making sure it was concentrated right where the spine would be.  I used extra water to blend the Hydrangea Blue  into the Tiffanylou’s Blue  to create a somewhat blended effect.

LSG Magical Heart Journal-1

I added Shabby Turbine Teal to the center of the uncoloured stripes and blended with Tiffanylou’s Blue  to finish off (that wasn’t the original plan in my head, but the Tiffanylou Blue was so pretty I wanted more of it!).

LSG Magical Heart Journal-1

At this stage I used a big brush to apply clean water across the colours, dragging it from the darkest area into the lightest – to blend the colours a little more.  Then I splashed and splattered some of the darker colours over the lighter, so there wasn’t such a distinct difference.

LSG Magical Heart Journal-1

It took a few hours, but my Magicals have dried and my journal cover is now the most beautiful blue and gold – not much sparkle, I think the fabric may have soaked that up – but so pretty!

LSG Magical Heart Journal-1

Now to decorate a little – use a permanent ink like Archival Jet Black to stamp a large design onto the front of your cover, I chose something big enough to colour in.

LSG Magical Heart Journal-1

Create a simple paper mask and use it to protect your image, then stamp around the image using Golden paints.  I made mine look fairly grungy and stuck to the same colours I’d already used black and shades of blue.  Looking amazing already.

LSG Magical Heart Journal-10

Remove the mask and add a thin layer of paint over your central image, I just dabbed on the darker colour to create a little shadow.  This also gives you a non-porous base for the final step.

LSG Magical Heart Journal-10


Mix a little airbrush medium and Magicals and mix well to remove any lumps.  Use a small paint brush to apply your Macigals over the heart – I applied a nice juice layer of the Tiffanylou’s Blue as a base and then dabbed on some Hydrangea Blue in the shaded areas – then watch it wick and spread!  You will find that the Magicals mixed with the Airbrush medium behave a little like liquid watercolours and create amazing patterns as you apply them – soo pretty!  Leave to dry thoroughly overnight and you are done.

LSG Magical Heart Journal-10

I added a little wooden word coloured with paint as the final touch, I didn’t want anything too bulky in case I decide to cart this about in my handbag.  I will likely add a little gold elastic to keep this closed as well.

LSG Magical Heart Journal-10
And my finished Magical journal makeover looks like this…  squee love it so much!  The soft pretty effect of Magicals on fabric, the complimentary Magicals mixed with Airbrush medium for that watercolour look – so yum – the gold stripes and the grungy heart – I’ve just gone to craft girl heaven!

LSG Magical Heart Journal-10

I hope you love this idea as much as I do!

Kate Palmer

5 thoughts on “Canvas Journal Cover with Magicals

  1. Wow Loved it ..Keeping the decoration to minimum has great effect on design ! I never used magicals on fabric ,thanks for the info !

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