A Few Fabulous Tag Tutorials with Natalie May

Natalie May here again with a few tags that I have created using only a couple of materials from my stash.

I love making these tags, and recently spent a weekend demonstrating similar creations at a retailers day, showing different ways of using Imaginarium Designs chipboard.

These first two large tags were created at the same time.

I started by lightly painting one of the tags with a sponge roller, and some gesso to seal the chipboard. Then I mixed Flat Magical Mango Mania with some Modeling Paste.


I used an Imaginarium mask and covered my tag with the paste, lifted it off, and then flipped it onto the raw chipboard tag.

Once dry, starting with the ‘create art everyday’ tag, I used Flat Fabio Hibiscus Rose, and sprayed it on, and then watered it down with a water spray to lighten the color, and allow it to run down through the pattern.


The other Imaginarium Designs chipboards are all coated lightly with gesso, and then colored with Flat Fabios in Luscious Lime and Pineapple Paradise, with the white Prima flowers being sprayed in Flat Fabio Hibiscus Rose with a little Mango Mania added to the petals.

The words are again lightly coated in gesso, but then I added some Starburst Gag Me with a Spoon Gray to give it some shimmer.

unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed

With the ‘always be amazing’ tag, I generously sprayed it with Starburst Clam Bake Beige & Cape Cod Coral, before stamping over it with a script stamp. Because this tag was not coated in gesso first, the mist soaked into the chipboard leaving a small amount of colour and all the gorgeous shimmer sitting on top!


I flicked on a little Flat Fabio Toto’s Tornado Black, coloured my Imaginarium feather and Loolabelle’ crosshatch circle in Time Travel Teal, and then gave my white Prima flowers a coat of Cape Cod Coral with some drops of Mango Mania.

unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed

For the ‘blah blah blah’ tag, I used some of the new Prima 3D Matte Gel and mixed it with some Flat Magicals Hibiscus Rose and Caribbean Blue with some silver glitter!




Using another mask from Imaginarium, I swiped it over my gesso prepared background and heat set it.


Once dry, I used Flat Fabio Caribbean Blue and coated the tag before watering it down, and repeating the process. I then added Flat Fabio Toto’s Tornado Black and let it drip down between the bricks!


The Imaginarium Chipboard is then coated in Flat Fabio Toto’s Tornado Black for the bottom two layers then the small squares on top I used Gag Me with a Spoon Gray.

unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed

And finally for the ‘you’re so fancy’ tag.


I mixed up some more Prima 3D Matte Gel and Flat Magicals Hibiscus Rose and Caribbean Blue and used a simple spot mask over the gesso prepped background.


Once dry, I added some Pineapple Paradise and let it drip down through the circles. The Imaginarium chipboard was prepped with gesso, and then I used Caribbean Blue for the big pinwheel (there are a brand new design I created last week), Hibiscus Rose for the middle one and mixed the two sprays together on my mat for the small one to create that gorgeous purple!

unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed

Once each of the tags were dry, I used a little Dimensional Magic to give certain elements a shine – I love this final touch … adds a little sparkle to the project!

So I hope you liked my tags … I loved creating them and cant wait to give them away to a few of my friends!

You can view more of my work at …www.happydaks.blogspot.com and find me on Instagram under happydaks.

11 thoughts on “A Few Fabulous Tag Tutorials with Natalie May

  1. These tags are amazing … so bright and colourful! I love what you did with the powders and also the fact the you used an older set of Flat Fabios! Which I actually have! It drives me nuts that designers often don’t revisit these older ones, and this set is my all-time favourite! Thanks so much for this great tutorial!

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