Magical Glitter Card Tutorial by Kate Palmer

Hi everyone!  Today Iíd like to share a few ideas which combine to produce a super sparkly , magically stunning card a little like this…..

Glitter Bird card wm

To make this yourself you will need:

  • Lindyís Stamp Gang Magicals from the Mad Hatter Set – Cheeky Cherry and Curiouser Chartreuse
  • Lindy’s Stamp Gang Flat Fabio – Curiouser Chartreuse
  • Lindyís Stamp Gang Glitters – Brocade and Chartreuse
  • Double sided sticky shapes (I made mine using dies and a double sided adhesive sheet)
  • Rubber stamps
  • Versamark Stamp Pad
  • Low tack masking tape
  • Cardstock for base card and layering
  • Assorted Rubons or text stamps


 Start by laying some low tack tape, just below the middle of the card – this will result in a nice white space where you can add text later.

Glitter Bird 1a

Ink the stamp with Versamark ink and using a fine brush, apply the dry Magical powder directly onto the ink.  Be neat and try not to apply too much powder, the more slowly and carefully you apply the better the end result will be.

Glitter Bird 1a

From a distance of around 11 inches (or 30cm) lightly spritz water onto the stamp.

Glitter Bird 1a

Stamp your image onto the card.  Without adding any more colour, spritz the stamp and stamp onto the cardstock again – continue until you have the coverage you want.

Glitter Bird 1e

Now you will notice the first image you stamped has a wide variety of colours in it – these are the colours that create ‘Curiouser Chartreuse’ they are appearing as individual colours as you have not yet applied enough water to mix the powder.  You will also notice each time you apply water and stamp that your image colour gets closer and closer to the ‘real’ colour of Curiouser Chartreuse – just another fun little fact about your Magicals which makes them so special and versatile!   You can see what I mean below.

Glitter Bird 1e

With the masking tape still in place, apply your first layer of sticky cut out shapes (mine are leaves), press down firmly and then remove the protective top layer.  Cover with glitter and use a soft brush to squash the glitter over the sticky shape – mack sure it is covered really well and then tip the excess glitter back into the jar.

Glitter Bird 1e

Lightly brush any stray glitter off the card.

Glitter Bird 1e

Then place your final adhesive shape (mine is a small bird) – press down firmly to make sure it sticks.

Glitter Bird 1e

Then cover in a contrasting glitter colour.  Carefully remove and excess and brush any stray flakes from the card.

Glitter Bird 1e

Remove the masking tape from the card.

Glitter Bird 1k

Apply rub-ons or stamped text.

Glitter Bird 1k

Then as a final touch, splatter a little Curiouser Chartreuse Flat Fabio over the card (or you could mix a little of your Magicals with water in a small bottle and use this!).  Mount your card onto a bright base card and you are done.

Glitter Bird 1k
I hope you’ve enjoyed this and that it gives you a few more ideas about how you can use those versatile Magical powders from Lindy’s Stamp Gang 🙂

Kate Palmer

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