Lindy’s Designer Revamp

One of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make as owner of Lindy’s Stamp Gang is to change how we have designers and a design team. I have decided to take our designing & artistic inspiration in a totally different direction, so that you the audience benefit, the artist/designer benefits, and the Lindy love spreads all over the place. Instead of having an actual team, we will eliminate the Design Team as it stands, but rather create what we call a Guest Design Team and a Featured Artist program. This doesn’t mean you won’t see these amazingly talented ladies with Lindy’s, it just means you will see them on a regular basis with us, but possibly in a new capacity in the future. Hopefully all these changes will create oodles more inspiration for you!

I am so incredibly grateful to these unbelievable ladies for being such an integral part of spreading the LSG name for the last 8 months that I cannot thank you enough. Your time, effort, and amazing talent is so appreciated & I know we will see lots more from you! You are all amazing artists!

Nolwenn Lynne Mary Irina Helen

Have a great day,
Tracey Brown

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