I do canvas

Hi friends it’s Lizzy today. I’m so very happy to share with you the first project I make of my daughter as a bride (she got married on April believe it or not).I saved a few pieces of her wedding dress and applied them into the canvas.

So here is the finished canvas. Some of the photos are very dark and not represent the colors IRL.

I do Canvas by Lizzy Wurmann

Lizzy Wurmann

Lizzy Wurmann

Lizzy Wurmann



Steel Shimmer

Brushed Nickel


Black Orchid Silver

Scintillating Silver

Pigment Powders:

Silent Night Silver (Shot and Magical)

Gregarious Grey

Embossing Powders:

Silver Moon Orchid

Silver Moon Mistletoe

If you want to see more close ups, please visit my blog.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

4 thoughts on “I do canvas

  1. Hi Bonnie, I’m so sorry to say I had this stencil in my stash and I can’t remember the manufacturer. I also have one from The Crafter’s Workshop and it’s pretty the same.

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