Infinite, mixed media painting on Aquabord by Nolwenn Petitbois

Hey there !

This month, I wanted to play on a different surface, one I am still learning to use: Aquabord. It is made for watercolor, so I thought it would be fun to see how our sprays react on them as it’s very absorbent.


(I apologize for the current lack of close-up photos, the light here in BC is quite gloomy for now, but I will edit the post with some asap.)

I hope you enjoy watching me create this painting from start to finish:

It was all about layering my colors, and being patient. And that mistakes are only there to teach you something.

I first layered several shades of blue, from the lightest to more deep ones. Blue is my favorite color, so it was a no brainer for me. However, contrast is important to build visual interest, so I added splatters of Cranberry Mist Burgundy for a beautiful contrast.

Did you know that you can order daubers (we have two different one, Old Baldy, that has very short hair, and Old Hairy which has longer ones… for totally different effects) that you can simply screw on your bottles instead of the sprayer so you just can go back and forth between the two applicators ? so useful ! This is what I used to create some starburst effects with Teeth Chattering Teal (a beautiful white with teal shimmers).

When I applied the embossing ink with the dauber (I discover this product thanks to my fellow design team member , I was not able to really see if it was flowing properly, this is why I decided to switch with my trusty Versamark ink pad. But… it did not occur to me that the ink, even if sticky, would be absorbed so much and therefore that my design would not be crisp (at all). Queen of Sheba’s Silver embossing powder is a very beautiful deep silver color, I really love it because it can go with every color that is on your project.

I used the Versamark pen to draw my infinity sign, and then embossed it with this gorgeous shade of red that the Candy Cane Red embossing powder is.

But it was still missing something. This is why I added my favorite of our purple sprays: Witch’s Potion Purple, very lightly, on top of everything.

Here are the products I used, please click to be redirected to their info page:

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